Game design and development is always a unique challenge, and I enjoy meeting new teams, learning what makes them tick, and helping them tackle new challenges. I have extensive experience with internal and external teams, ranging from hardcore to indie to casual games, from die-hard AAA developers to academic research teams - I like collaborating with developers of all sorts to make well crafted, engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences.

Though I have broad experience in all areas of game design and have done every game design job at some point, my focus is on innovative narrative-driven game experiences. A well-integrated story makes a game more meaningful for players, getting them invested in the game beyond pure mechanics. I've most recently worked with dynamic and procedural storytelling systems, focusing on how games can tell stories that no linear medium can even attempt, with the player always at the center. I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to make gameplay and narrative work together.

While I'm up for most game development challenges, specific areas of focus for past clients include:

  • Game Design - Including review and analysis, iterating on core vision, game design work both in documents and in-engine, tuning and polishing, working with play-testing and user research.
  • Narrative Design - Including reviews and polish, narrative integration with gameplay, dynamic and procedural storytelling systems, world-design and writing, cinematic game design (staging, framing, pacing), casting and performance direction.
  • Team Building & Process - Including development partner searches, recruiting and vetting, development process and roadmaps, optimizing workflows and efficiency.
  • Teaching & Training - Available for customized training for your team on a wide range of game related subjects. See the Writings page for some examples of the professional talks I've given.
Please email me via and we can setup a time to talk about your game's or development team's specific needs.