Of the projects I've worked on, The Suffering games have had the greatest longevity. Even ten years after the first game came out, I'm still constantly seeing new videos on YouTube, new fan art, and players asking when more games will be made. The first game is set in a bleak prison on a mysterious island off the coast of Maryland, with the second game moving into Baltimore. The player controls Torque, a hardened inmate who has just been transferred to death row for the murder of his ex-wife and two sons. But did he really do it? The games were a unique combination of action gameplay, an involving story set in the real-world, psychologically disturbing characters and situations, and player choice driving the narrative. The games were developed by Surreal Software (RIP), published by Midway (RIP), and came out for PS2/Xbox/PC. I was project lead and lead designer on original game (shipped in spring 2004), creative director on "Ties that Bind" (shipped fall 2005), and sole writer on both of them. The first game in particular was one of those rare game projects where most things went "right" - something I've realized is incredibly rare in big game development studios. I was very fortunate to get to make these very personal games and have so many people play and like them.