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Cheating in Damage Incorporated

Damage Incorporated does indeed include cheat codes (but if you're playing on a Mac you'll need to make sure you have version 1.2; go here to download the updater). First, however, there are two important pseudo-cheats:
Marine Neo Fascist
To use any of Damage Incorporated's other cheats, during gameplay, hold down Control and type in one of the following key combinations. If you typed it in correctly you'll hear the sound of glass breaking; you may have to try typing a particular cheat a few times to get it to work, especially if it's a long one and you've got a slow computer. Anyway, here are some of the cheat-codes to get you started (more may be posted later, or try figuring some out yourself):

Strategies for Damage Incorporated

Here are some strategies from the Paranoid Production Labs that will, if implemented properly, help you boost your Confirmed Kill counts. For more strategy stuff, be sure to check out Mac 3D Total Action's page, in particular their Complete Strategy Guide. Or download the Strategy Guide from our Files page.

Snuffin' It

[Never Cry Submission]

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