Damage Incorporated



The Damage Incorporated demo gives you a pretty good idea of what the game's all about, allowing you to fully play three single-player levels, as well as changllenging a friend on a network level.

If you already have the demo version 1.0 and want 1.2, all you need to do is dowload the small application itself:

Damage Incorporated Version 1.2 Update

The latest version of Damage Incorporated is Version 1.2, which fixes a number of bugs as well as adding some swanky new features. To find out what's in version 1.2, take a gander at the
Updater Read Me File.

If you have the Windows version of Damage Incorporated, you allready have version 1.2.

If you are a Mac user, your CD may not have contained version 1.2. If it does not, and you are allready a full owner of the game, you can get version 1.2 one of two ways:
Map Pack: The Big Dead One

Seven new maps (four solo and three network) for you to play with Damage Incorporated. Totally free for you to download. Includes the
winners from the Damage Incorporated Map Design Contest. Take a gander at the Big Dead One Read Me File for more information.

Map Editor: Orion

Damage Incorporated conspirator Alain Roy has created Orion, a Damage Incorporated map editor. Based on Steve Israelson's Pfhorte, Orion allows you to edit existing maps, modify converted Marathon maps (see MaraDamage below), or created brand new maps to play yourself or distribute as like to your friends. Check it out!

Marathon Map Converter: MaraDamage

This handy tool allows you to convert any map which works with Bungie's Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity to be playable in Damage Incorproated. Cool, eh? For more info you're encouraged to peruse the
Maradamage Read File.

Save Game Editor: D.I.S.G.E.

Enabling you to edit, to some extent, your save games, this nifty utility can get you out of those tight jams. Much thanks to Aris Paterakis at Mac 3D Total Action for creating it.

Complete Strategy Guide

Providing very detailed maps and walkthroughs for all the levels in Damage Incorporated, presentented in a nice DocMaker, self running application format. Much thanks to Aris Paterakis at Mac 3D Total Action for creating it. Those wanting help on just a specific level, may save time by looking at the Strategy Guide in HTML at Mac 3D Total Action.

Audio Out-Takes

We hope you all like the voices you hear throughout Damage Incorporated. But they weren't always that nice. Download the following AIFF file for (we think) a good chuckle over voices that were not-to-be. Hear: Bungie's Doug Zartman (Vidiot) parody himself and struggle with German! Sound stud Ben Young try to read Aslag's lines! Listen to Romanus Isaac (Preacher) quote the same passage from the bible three different ways! Code guru Alain Roy whining! Over fifty unique screams, cries, yelps and moans! Nick Buck's (Col. Grey) attempt to join the mafia! Richard Rouse (The Village Idiot) doing his best Dave Edwardson immitation! A bizarre quote from Psycho! Terry Thomas (Carnage) wondering if "that was too much!" Jim Daly (Banzai) crying for his mama! Nick Buck doing a fine Steve Martin imitation! It's all right here, well worth the download, we think. (Need a Mac AIFF player? Try Sound Machine(426k).)

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