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Game Design: Theory & Practice Author

Richard Rouse III is a creative director, designer and writer who has been working in the video game industry for more than fifteen years. Currently he is a Design Lead at Microsoft Game Studios, where he has worked on projects including Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and CastleStorm, and has consulted on everything from State of Decay to Mark of the Ninja. He was Creative Director and Writer on the hit horror franchise The Suffering, and also led the design on games including Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis, Damage Incorporated, and Centipede 3D. Other games he has contributed to substantially include Homefront, Wheelman, Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, and Rainbow 6: Patriots. He has held positions including Director of Game Design at Midway, Studio Creative Director at Surreal Software, and was a Narrative Director at Ubisoft. Rouse has written about game design for publications including Game Developer, Game Informer, SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, Develop, Gamasutra, and Inside Mac Games. He is a frequent speaker at the Game Developer's Conference and the Montreal International Game Summit, in addition to speaking at conferences and universities around the world. He can be reached via email at About the Illustrator

Steve Ogden has been scribbling on paper forever and working in the game industry almost that long. He met Richard Rouse III a lifetime ago while they were working together on Hasbro's Centipede 3D. Later, the two men cooked up Atomic Sam as a character to illustrate a book on game design principles, the precursor to the tome you now hold in your hands. Ogden drew the pictures for that book while at Cyan working on realMYST and URU. He is now happy to be back in the green hills of home in Maryland's hunt country, working at Firaxis. It was while finishing up work on Sid Meier's Pirates! and beginning work on Civilization IV that he was asked once again to scribble some Atomic Sam illustrations for this new printing, including a shiny new full colour cover! To say he jumped at the chance is to indulge in understatement. Ogden finds Sam to be a fun subject and his universe intriguing, and wonders aloud if Atomic Sam will one day become an actual game, not just a character in a book about games... To see more of his work of all varieties, stop by his web-site: You can reach Og at

Atomic Sam!

Contents (C) 2001 Richard Rouse III and Wordware Publishing, unless otherwise noted.
Atomic Sam is TM and (C) 2001 Richard Rouse III. Atomic Sam character designed by Richard Rouse III and Steve Ogden.