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Game Design: Theory & Practice Purchasing Information

Game Design:  Theory & Practice Second Edition
by Richard Rouse III
ISBN # 1-55622-912-7 (Note new ISBN for Second Edition)

Game Design: Theory & Practice Second Edition is available wherever books are sold. Smaller stores that do not carry it will be able to order it for you.  Just provide them with the information above, including the ISBN number, to make sure you get the right book.

Get it here:

Or, Game Design: Theory & Practice Second Edition is also available at all sensible online book sellers. Try one of these:

NOTE:  Some stores list the release date of this book as sometime in 2002, which was an overly optimistic release date from long ago.  Some shops also list the title as "Computer Game Design: Theory & Practice," but that's OK, it is still the same book.  Never fear:  as long as the ISBN matches, you will know you are getting the right book. 

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